Tax Services

Tax Services:


Business and Individual Tax Planning – Tax planning and preparation form a winning combination for our successful individual and business clients. Whether you are an individual or a multi-tiered partnership, our experienced staff can develop tax strategies that take advantage of new tax laws and legislation. Tax planning is an essential element of the tax preparation process. By making tax planning part of your overall business strategy, you can use our experience and access to the most current new developments in the tax laws to minimize both your current and future tax liabilities .

Business Entity Type – We can discuss with you the advantages and/or disadvantages of being incorporated, a limited liability company, partnership or a sole proprietor.  The type of business you have may dictate what entity you should choose, and in some instances you may save thousands of tax dollars simply by being in the correct business entity.

Tax Preparation – Our significant investment in computerized tax preparation and research software enables us to accurately and efficiently prepare returns for various types of entities including individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates, and not-for-profit organizations.

Like-Kind Exchange – Do you have plans of selling investment properly and then reinvesting the selling proceeds into a new investment?
If so, using Like-Kind Exchange may save you thousands of tax dollars.  There are several strict rules and regulations to comply with so contact us to discuss BEFORE you sell your property.

IRS Representation – During our years of experience dealing with many taxing authorities, we have achieved a level of competence that can ensure our clients they are being properly represented before the various federal and state tax agencies.